Orchard Meadows Playground

Orchard Meadows is open for walking, Playgrounds will be opening June 27th

Orchard Meadows Playground is located on Old Orchard Lane in the Doll subdivision.  Travel south on Old Orchard Lane from Powers Road.  Old Orchard Lane intersects Powers Road near Armor Duells.

Approximately 7.35 acres, this site includes:  

  • playground 
  • park benches
  • two tennis courts 
  • basketball court 
  • sand volleyball court 
  • large grass area with baseball backstop

 Playground shelter rental available. $50 / day.  Call 716-662-6450 to reserve.

Our Playground Champions

These hardworking individuals are part of our team dedicated to restoring our playgrounds and parks.  We cannot thank them enough for their help, support and input as we approach the next horizon!

  • Kevin Connolly- Honeycrest Champion
  • Kathleen McDonald- Orchard Meadows Champion
  • Trisha Patronik- Pawtucket Champion
  • Bob Simmons- Burmon Champion
  • Jim Wilson- Chairman of the OP Art Boosters and Passport to Parks Designer

Questions or concerns? 

Please contact the Recreation & Parks department at 662-6450 or [email protected]