Frequently Asked Questions!

Summer Camp FAQ

  • Is there a multiple child discount?

    We do not offer a multiple child discount but you do receive 10% off when you register online. The weekly camp fee includes field trips, arts and crafts, sports, tennis, dance, swimming and more.

  • Can I only sign up for two or three days of a 5 day camp program?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a part time option as we have to follow NYS Health Dept. camper to staff ratios. We would not be able to fill the spot with another camper on the days your kids are not attending. You may choose to only send your children only on certain days, but you do pay for the full week of programming.

  • My child has a food allergy, how is this handled at camp?

     We have many campers with food allergies. To ensure safety we wash our hands before lunch and immediately after. Campers with specific allergies in their lunch (peanuts, tree nuts etc.) sit a safe distance away with part of the camp group. Those without the allergen sit in a group with your camper and our staff, who pack lunches that are allergen free to ensure your camper has someone to sit with at lunch.  Our staff are also trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of anaphylactic shock and how to use an epi pen.

  • What does my camper need each day?

  • Lunch

  • Water bottle

  • Snack

  • Sneakers

  • Sunscreen

  • Swim suit and a towel (if it is hot out we will play in sprinklers, water balloons etc)

  • A backpack to carry it all in!

    Please do not send money, toys or valuables.  We have plenty at camp to keep kids busy and occupied!

  • Is there a fridge at camp for campers’ lunches?

    No we do not have a fridge and we suggest packing lunches that are able to be unrefrigerated or pack lunches in the insulated lunch boxes with lunch cold packs.   Lunches are stored in each camper’s locker or backpack and out of the sun until lunch time.

  • I filled out a health form last year; do I need to this again this year?

    Yes! We are mandated by Erie County Health Department to seal and store all health forms at the end of each camp season.  Each child will need a new health form for the 2020 summer camp season.  Please make sure to include anyone who will be picking up your camper (including yourself) in the permission to pick up section.  If someone arrives and they are not on the list we will not release your camper.  Each person needs to provide photo ID at pickup regardless of who the person is.

    Camp Health Form - Coming Soon!

  • Are there camp swim lessons this year?

    No, however parents are able to sign up for swim lessons on Saturdays in Green Lake!

  • What are you staff qualifications?

    We go through an extensive hiring process to ensure we have the best of the best for our summer staff.  Each staff member attends extensive two day training process, is certified in CPR/AED and First Aid, undergoes a background check at the OP Police Department, as well as a sex offender check through NYS.  Additionally, many of our Directors are individuals who are pursuing their college degree, or have already obtained their degree and are working towards their masters.  Directors are all at least 21 years or older and assistant directors are all at least 18 years or older. Directors are also additionally trained in Responding to Emergencies.  With all of our staff we look for individuals who have past experience working with children and want to continue to work with kids as part of their career. 

  • Can I pick out the weeks I need for camp and pay later?

    We do require payment upon registration unless you would like to set up a payment plan.   For a payment plan you select the weeks you need for camp and reserve your spot and pay for a third of the total bill upon registering.  For the remaining balance we keep a credit card on file and automatically charge your card on the date the next payments are due.

  • If I pay for a week now but have to cancel down the road will I get my money back?

    If you need to cancel a week and do not want to transfer into a different week we can refund you in full if there is someone on the wait list who is able to take your spot for that week.  If there is not anyone on the wait list for that group for that week, we will credit your account here at the Recreation Department which may be used towards a future program, camp registration next year, etc. The balance will remain on your account for 1 year from the date it was credited.


  • Will my camper be swimming at camp?

    Adventure camp will be able to swim and boat in Green Lake weather permitting each week.  Day Camp will not be swimming however they will enjoy water play such as sprinklers, slip 'n slides, water relays, water balloons, boating and more! Sports Camp will have the chance to swim and boat in Green Lake on Fridays.

  • What days do the kids go on field trips?

    Campers will attend field trips on Wednesdays or Thursdays of each week, check your weekly newsletter for when your child will be participating!  All field trips will be on site, no bussing will take place in  2021.

  • Is there an additional cost for field trips?

    No! Field trips are included in your weekly camp fee.

  • Do I have to let camp know if I am going to be using the early drop off or late pick up?

    No! We will have our qualified staff there no matter what.  We do ask that you call the Recreation Department at 662-6450 if your camper will be missing a day of camp or coming in after 9am.

    Please note that our FREE extended hours run:  7:30-9am & 4-5:30pm.

  • What if my camper needs to arrive at camp later than normal?

    That is absolutely okay!  We ask that you call the Recreation Department at 662-6450 to let us know what time your camper will be arriving that way we can have their group nearby to pick them up at the sign in table. 

  • If my child is supposed to go on a field trip on Tuesday but miss’s camp, can they attend the trip on Wednesday with another group?

    No.  We are mandated by Erie County Health Dept. to abide by set camper to staff ratios.  The group sizes are capped to meet that requirement and because of that we cannot add an additional camper even for one day as we would be out of ratio.

  • Can parents attend the field trips with their child?

    We ask that parents do not attend the field trips as it can be a distraction to the other campers. We find that campers adjust better to their camp group, camp rules etc. when everything is consistent day to day with the staff/ parent structure.

  • Is there anyway we can meet our child’s camp director and counselors before camp starts? 

    Yes, Virtually!  We will have staff bio's and an online orientation posted in the first part of May.


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