Orchard Park Recreation Camps

Camps, Camps, and More Camps!

Welcome to Orchard Park Recreation Summer Camps! We offer full day and half day camps featuring art, sports, ecology, beach fun, swimming, boating, cooking, and more!

Please use the links to the left to explore all the options and call the office with questions, 716-662-6450.

 Orchard Park Recreation Camp Brochure

**Please Read -- Important note about Wait Lists

As Summer Camp Registration continues we have noticed that many families are wish-listing weeks of camp.WISH LIST is NOT the same as adding your child(ren) to the WAITLIST

When you are on the WAITLIST you are saying you want a spot if one opens up.  If a spot does open, we start with the first person on the waitlist and work our way down until it is full.  Waitlists are taken care of on a first come basis.

When you WISHLIST a program, you are just making a reminder for yourself that you want to be in that program. It does not reserve a spot for you in the queue if something opens up.

If you were shut out of a week of camp please go back and make sure you added your child(ren) to the WAITLIST not the WISHLIST.

If you have any trouble please give us a call at 662-6450.