WNYSI- Western NY Swimming Instructor Certification

WNYSI is a NYS Health Department PSI (Progressive Swim Instructor) course that certifies individuals to teach swim lessons and assess swimming ability for summer camps.

Up-coming Courses:

WNYSI Instructor Blended Learning Course

  • Ages 16 and up
  • Mix of online learning and classroom (pool) instruction
  • Dates: TBD
  • Pool sessions will be TBD
  • $165.00 per person
  • Please contact Kristin at [email protected] or 662-6450 ext 2 with any questions.

Instructor Tip of the Week

  • As it is getting warmer outside don’t forget to address water rules that would be applicable outside of the pool walls as well. This can include rules about swimming in pools at home, swimming in lakes and ponds, and boating on bodies of water. Life jacket safety should be touched upon with all age levels and the “Reach or throw, don’t go” rule should be touched upon with older children. Be sure to enforce an adult presence when around water at all times!
  • Here is a detailed article to reference if you are having trouble coming up with ruleshttp://kidshealth.org/en/parents/water-safety.html?WT.ac=en-p-summer-center-g# 

Did you know....

  • On page 68 in your instructor manual you can find tons of fun games that teach skills through play!
  • Click the link below for two of the many games listed!

Ring Relay & Sharks and Minnows

Instructor Resources

Tips for teaching swim lessons to children with ASD

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