Earth Spirit Living Naturally Series

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Canoeing Basics

Join Earth Spirit naturalist educators at Green Lake to learn some basic canoe skills, paddling technique, and safety pointers before learning about the unique ecology of the lake while on the water.

Date:    June 25th 2022
Times:  9:00-10:15am Session 1
            10:30-11:45am Session 2
Fee:  $12.00
Located at Green Lake/ Yates Park in Orchard Park.
Please meet at the Beach.

Ferns and Friends

Come see what wonders the Chestnut Village Trails have to offer with an Earth Spirit Naturalist Educator as your guide! The focus will be on the different Ferns and their friends that flank the trails.

Located at Chestnut Village Trails, please park at the trail head off of Ashwood Lane.

  • Must pre register
  • We will be hiking approximately 2 miles.
  • Group capped at 20 people
Date:    July 17, 2022
Times:  9:30-11:30 am      
Ages:    12 and up
Fee:     $12.00

Fresh Water Finds

Join Earth Spirit naturalist educators as we explore the life within and around Mystery Pond. Get ready to get your hands dirty!

Located at Pawtucket Playground in Eagle Heights.
Please meet at the Pavilion at the Playground.
  • Must pre register
  • Only 12 participants per group
  • Parents MUST stay with their children, this is not a drop off program.
  • when registering, it is registering a Parent plus child
Date:    July 31, 2021
Times:  10:00-11:00am Session 1
             11:15-12:15pm Session 2
Ages:    4 - 13 years
Fee:     $12.00

Bird Walk

Birdsong is called Birdsong for a reason! Join an Earth Spirit Naturalist Educator as we walk through unique wetlands, forests, and fields as we learn about the many different types of birds that call Birdsong home! Binoculars provided.

Please park at the Main entrance to the park, the group will depart from the Free Library Post at the entrance to the paved part of the path.

  • Must pre register
  • We will be hiking approx 2 miles.
  • Group capped at 20 people
  • Ages 6 and up

Date:  July 9th 2022

Time: 9:00-11:30 am

Location: Birdsong Park

Fee: $12.00